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About HYCA

Holy Youth Christian Academy is a private school located in Chapel Hill, NC and dedicated to providing an excellent Christian education that is classical in approach and Orthodox in content.

We do believe that it is possible to bring together Christian discipline and spirituality with academic excellence.


              Rev. Fr. Angelos Bishara

                        Founder of HYCA

What is the "Classical" approach to education?

Academic study at Holy Youth Christian Academy closely follows the Classical model for educating K-12 children. A Classical education conforms to the unique three-tier paradigm of Classical antiquity, whereby students are educated on three different levels. The information and skills taught to the students are transmitted to them using the ancient Socratic method employed in many liberal arts colleges and graduate schools today. 

The three levels of a Classical education can be understood as three learning periods, where each period follows a particular learning style or technique: Grammer, Logic, and Rhetoric.

  1. Grammar - In the Grammar stage, students learn the fundamentals of all knowledge. Since this is the youngest of the levels, students primarily focus on memorizing and mastering different forms of information across all subjects. 

  2. Logic - In this second stage, students begin developing their inquisitive faculties by exercising their reasoning using their knowledge from the Grammar stage. Students revisit and continue to learn more of the fundamentals across all subjects, while beginning to explore "why" and "how" things came to be the way they are today.

  3. Rhetoric - Students in this Rhetoric stage of learning have entered their adolescence period of physical and psychological development, and begin to develop and engage their expressive faculties. During this final stage of learning, students learn to master different forms of communication, while continuing to delve deeper and further across all subjects.

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